IFCI Factors
IFCI Factors


Value to YOU

Cash up-front on credit sales – Improved Liquidity leading to accelerated product cycle

Minimal security/collateral – No charge on your assets

80 – 90% of your invoice funded – Avail higher facilities than what is offered by banks

Competitive credit terms to your clients – Strengthen your business relationships

Quick appraisal and sanction – Get started with your facility before your competition

Instant cash disbursal – No down-time in your working capital


Better credit terms for payment – Facilitates credit purchase

Save on high bank charges for credit – Enhanced Business

Ability to scale up across the supply chain – Ability to respond to opportunities

No documentation post acknowledgement of undertaking to pay invoices to Factor

Value to YOUR BANK

Factoring compliments services provided by banking – Improves liquidity of borrowers

Monitoring of payments by Factor – Improves visibility