IFCI Factors
IFCI Factors

Export Sales Bill Factoring

For sales outside India.
For your exports, International Factoring works to your advantage by providing you funding, credit assessment, credit protection and collection services.

IFCI Factors Limited will help you enhance your competitiveness in the global market with overseas credit protection. We are a member of Factors Chain International (FCI), an organisation of factoring companies headquartered at Amsterdam, Netherlands. FCI boasts of more than 200 factoring companies in nearly 60 countries spread across the six continents. Our International network of correspondent factors go a long way in helping you to overcome all distance and language barriers and establish an easy flow of communication with your customers. Using EDI, the standard international electronic data interchange factoring network, IFCI Factors Limited gives you speedy and reliable reporting on your overseas customer accounts.

Sharper Competitive Edge
Entrusting your international accounts to us will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Commercial Credit Risk Management:
    IFCI Factors Limited facilitates open account trading without credit risk by arranging credit protection on agreed terms. In a highly competitive global market, this helps you to procure orders by offering more attractive terms to your customers.
  • Overseas Payment Collection:
    IFCI Factors Limited follows up on payment through its network of Factors with your Customer (Buyer).
  • Prompt Prepayments:
    We provide initial prepayment against your invoices at an agreed prepayment percentage with the balance being paid on receipt of payment from buyer.
  • Sales Ledger Administration:
    IFCI Factors Limited maintains the sales ledger for its clients, monitoring the invoices raised and payments received and accordingly performs the necessary follow up for collections. We also provide you with valuable MIS to enable you to take better informed decisions related to pricing, credit terms, debtor quality and so on.
  • Opportunity for Growth:
    The credit protection provided by IFCI Factors Limited enables you to build your business with international buyers (who are otherwise unwilling to open Letters of Credit) while keeping your credit exposures covered. Instant prepayments against your receivables provide you with the necessary resources required for funding your business growth.
  • Advisory Services:
    IFCI Factors Limited also offers advisory services to its clients including credit assessment for its overseas buyers through its own network and that of its correspondent factors.