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Welcome to IFCI Factors Limited..!!

IFCI Factors Limited, a subsidiary of IFCI Ltd., incorporated in February 1995 as Foremost Factors Limited. After having taken over by IFCI in year 2008, it was renamed as IFCI Factors Limited. For the growth-driven business model across the country and the world, factoring has been an excellent tool for improvising cash-flow without incurring debt, as the liability for repayments mostly lies on client. “IFCI Factors Limited” aims at easing the business owners’ financial pressures by purchasing their unpaid invoices and advancing them what they owed. It’s a complete financial package that combines working capital financing, credit risk protection, accounts receivables bookkeeping and collection services. IFCI Factors Ltd offers both domestic and international (export) factoring services to clients across the country.

In the modern financial services industry, factoring has emerged as an alternative model to bank’s working capital facilities essentially for SME/MSMEs, not having history of operating & credit scores and having minimal collaterals as funding mechanism under factoring is quick and less complicated. IFCI Factors Limited is committed to cater the segments viz., MSME, SMEs and emerging corporate, thus playing a determining role in the growth of Indian economy. MSMEs have always been the focus area of the Govt. of India, as they contribute to the overall GDP growth of the country and help in generating employment.

Under the diversified umbrella of IFCI Limited, we are striving hard for achieving IFCI group’s vision of becoming the leading development institution and facilitate to link MSME to major industry and infrastructure sectors and participate in country’s economic growth and development.

Thanking You..!!